January 17, 2011

Since my last update, it really hasn’t stopped snowing!   We seem to get and inch or two every other day………..in the past few days another 8+ inches.  There is now about 28″ on the ground!   So far it has been a fairly average January as temperatures go.   We have had a lot of sub zero weather, but nothing real cold.   It was – 30  yesterday morning, I guess that is approaching cold.   Five years ago, on this date, it was -45,  now that is getting cold!

The lakes still have some slush on top, but it has improved over the last week.  This week, conditions should continue to improve as the high temperatures are  going to struggle to reach  zero.   If this snow and cold continue into February, the deer herd could be severely stressed and wolf packs will be smiling.   Deep snow limits the deer from getting to new food throughout the rest of the winter.  Add the cold, then malnutrition is a factor, especially for the fawns born last Spring.  What we really need is a February thaw, and no doubt we will get one.  The wolves are having to work hard, too.   The snow is deep in the woods and they need to travel single file and take turns breaking trail.   I think they prefer to travel around their territory using the lakes and rivers where the snow is not as deep.  I know they like to use snowmobile and snowshoe trails to get around too, but eventually they need to get into the woods to find food.

The Pine Martens continue to entertain our guests on a weekly basis.  No sightings of Fishers yet, but there has been a Canada Lynx hunting in the black spruce bog between Triangle cabin and Lark lake.   No sightings yet………very lucky to see one.  About 6 years ago a man saw one, at the Triangle lake cabin, while he was in the outhouse!  His friends didn’t beleive him, but there were tracks all around the sauna building.

Fishing has been surprisingly good for mid -January.   Some nice walleyes have been caught right on Triangle lake, one 45″ Northern Pike,too!   That’s a big one!   If you come to fish, bring an extension for your ice auger.   The ice is approaching 25″ on some lakes.

We are pretty booked up for the rest of January, but we still have a couple openings at Sundew in February and we had a cancellation at Lark for February 11 – 14.   So come on up and enjoy a winter wonderland,  it is incredible!  Winter Fest starts Feb 3, lots of fun winter events:  ice fishing contest, dog sledding, mukluk ball, snow carving and lots of wine and beer tasting.

Hope to see you in ELY!