January 26, 2011

Still snowing!  We keep getting snow, not large amounts at any one time, but 1″ – 3″ on a regular basis. It has been cold, too!

Melea and Ramon saw minus 39 degrees 2X during their stay at the Triangle lake cabin!  Now that is getting pretty cold. The new wood stove at the cabin kept it nice and toasty.  It is a new 118 Jotul.  It is a larger stove than before and is able to keep the cabin at a more even temperature.

Ramon and Melea caught some nice fish while they were there. One walleye was 24 ” and a Northern Pike at 36″.  Fishing was on the slow side, but they caught enough for some nice meals.  I know the fishing would have been real slow if I had been there, because I wouldn’t stand out there when it is below zero and windy.  I’m waiting for a picture of that big Northern Pike; when it arrives, I will post it here.


The group at the Lark Lake cabin also saw some very cold temperatures. They had 6 people in that small cabin, so they probably didn’t need the wood burning stove. Even with temperatures as cold as they were, everybody got outside for some fresh air and excercise.  It is amazing how warm you can stay once you strap on a pair of snowshoes.   If it is 40 below, you will be unzipping after 10 minutes of breaking trail.  One thing you shouldn’t do when it is that cold is go swimming. George took a short swim on Beaver Creek!   He was snowshoeing south of the cabin and was not sure if he was on the creek or not (deep snow) when all of a sudden he heard water gurgling, and then water came to the surface and down he went.  It wasn’t deep, mid chest, but it was indeed cold.  He got back to the cabin as fast as he could and got into some warm clothes.

Ramon and Melea, at the Triangle lake cabin, saw the wolves in the full moonlight last Wednesday.    We put an old carcass out on the edge of the lake, hoping something might come by for a snack.   A fox found it first, then a pine marten and eventually the wolves.  When something dies in the wild, everyone gets to eat.  The wolves have been around the Triangle lake area during the last week. I think there were 2 different packs, one from the North and one from the South. Both packs stayed on opposite ends of the lake, seemingly not wanting to tresspass on the other packs territory………..lot’s of scent posting on everything.


The birds are still in large numbers around the feeders. I was hoping they might head south with the cold weather, my feeding bill has sky rocketed with higher cost of sunflower seeds, $25/50#.    We have never seen the prices that high, must be a big demand somewhere. Last week, Northern Shrikes started showing up at all our feeders. They are a bird from up North that are about the same size and color of a Gray Jay, but they are equipped with the neccessary tools to catch other birds to eat. They are not a raptor, but do feed on other birds and mice.

The snow is still clinging to all the trees, it is so beautiful and it is going to last a while yet. No thaws are in the forecast.  If you can get away, you should really venture North to Ely.  The next 2 weeks are a great time to be here.  Our Winter Fest starts next week and promises much FUN.  We still have the first 2 weekends of Feb. open at the Sundew cabin. You can drive to this cabin, which will allow you to take part in the Winter Fest activities. You need to see the snow sculptures!  Give us a call, before it is too late.  We can give you a super, last minute price.  Especially if you bring a big group.