February 22, 2011

We have not had any appreciable snow during the past 2 weeks, unlike our friends in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Looks like it will be a record snowfall winter.  The national XC ski  JR. Olympics are going to bre held at Theodore Wirth Park in a couple of weeks, so I imagine the organizers are feeling a bit of relief.  If you have a chance to get over there, you will see some amazing young skiers, many of which are from right here in the upper midwest.

Last week we went from negative 30 to +59 degrees in just a few days.  Folks were out in shorts and tenners and the water was running down the streets as if we had had a strong summer thunderstorm.  We lost about a foot of snow, but there is still plenty in the woods…….mid thigh!  We no longer have any slush on the lakes, in fact many lakes are just ice with crusted snow here and there.  If you head up North, be sure to bring some crampons or Yakstracks if you plan on crossing the lakes………it is pretty hard to walk on the ice without some traction. Hopefully, we will get some more snow this week so we can go into March with some great lake skiing.  The ice is actually thicker than it was a week ago!   All the slush and water turned to ice as the temperatures dropped.  From what I can tell, we gained about 3 ” of new ice.  The lakes are booming now that the insulation (snow) is gone. With every chance in temperature, from morning to night,  the ice starts to move and sounding out as it does. We will now start to see some big pressure ridges form,on the bigger lakes, as the lakes expand and contract with the temperature changes.

Haven’t seen the fox around lately, although have seen some tracks between Triangle and Lark lake cabins.  This is the time of year the canines go into estrus, so maybe food is not as enticing as it was a couple of weeks ago.  Somethings are more important than others?!  Still big flocks of Pine Grossbeaks and Red Polls fattening up themselves and the sunflower industry.  We have some returning Bald Eagles and Crows, but that is the only harbinger of Spring that I have seen………..other than the longer days and more powerful sun.  Friends of our have been watching a pair of Bald Eagles rebuild their nest over the past 2 weeks. Most of their nest was destroyed in a storm last summer. Do you supposre they came back early to get the job done?

This past weekend, Presidents Day weekend, we had customers at Triangle lake and Lark lake that have been with us for 13 and 14 years respectively.  The Folks at the Sundew cabin have been with us going on 8 years. Many of our customers, especially winter guests, have been with us many, many years. We have one group that is going on 17 years!  We have watched their children grow up and parents get grey and old, much like ourselves. We are still waiting for the children to bring their children.  Hopefully, that will happen before we have passed Log Cabin Hideaways on to someone else!

We have had a cancellation at the Lark lake cabin for this next weekend………….give us a call, I’m sure we can work a deal out!  This is a great time to be up in the Northwoods, in fact, it is the best time to be up here.  The days are getting quite long, we still have navigable light till 6:30 PM and  dawn comes about 6:15 AM.  No matter how far it gets below zero, it is quite pleasant by mid day.  Travel is also vastly improved, no more slush!  Earlier in the winter it was hard to get more than a 4 – 5 mile ski in, now 15 – 20 is possible. If you come, be sure to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen. The sun is climbing hiher every day and the reflection is incredible.