March 29, 2011

Still winter here, but what a beautiful March we have had! Tons of blue skies and sun!  The temperatures have been running below normal by quite a bit, but it has allowed for fantastic travel conditions throught the wholw BWCAW.  The snow is crusted so thick that you can walk or ski anywhere without breaking through……….even in the bogs. If you come up be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen!  The reflection off the snow is incredible and you can get sunburn very fast.

spring 003

We completed the annual firewood gathering last week. Both  the woodsheds at Triangle and Lark are full to the brim. Lots of wood for next winter and this summer saunas. We have the firewood for Sundew and Johnson bucked up, but not spit yet . We will start that in a week or two when the snow melts off the piles.  We also hauled in 12 propane tanks, a very easy job in the winter, but nearly impossible durinfg the ice free months. Each tank weighs approximately 170 pounds.

spring 047(1)

The cold weather and snow has slowed the return of many of our summer/spring birds. The Bald Eagles are, of course, are on eggs, as well as the owls and Gray Jays.  We have been hearing owls on many evenings during the past 2 weeks. Lots of Barred Owls and Saw Whet Owls and even a Great Gray at the Sundew Cabin.  I haven’t seen many waterfowl yet other than geese and Mallards, but swans have been reported on the Shagawa River just outside of Ely.

We still are making numerous trips across the lakes……….there is plenty of ice yet, in fact, people are still driving on most of the lakes.  Now that the snow is off the lakes, the crappies are starting to bite and the fishermen are coming out of the woodwork . I’ve never seen so many people, trucks and ATV’s on Birch lake. I think many ice fisherman waited untill the deep snow and slush left the lakes. It looks like the ice out will be somewhere around the last week of April……….pretty average after last years record ice out around April 1.

We are starting to gear up for Spring and Summer.  Reservations are coming in now, so if you are not flexible with your vacation time, now IS the time to give us a call or email.  Remember we have off season rates until June 18th and again starting on Sept. 17th.

If anyone reads this diatribe let me know