January 2012

What a winter so far! I haven’t seen this in many years, I guess the planet it warming, which is quite eveident the farther north you go. Luckily for us, we have been able to ski and we have lots of ice up here. Automobiles and trucks have been on the ice since the 2nd week of December. The last time I checked the ice on Triangle Lake it was 14″ thick. With the little amount of snow on the lakes the ice (no insulation) it does not take long for the ice to thicken up.

The skiing has been fantastic on the lakes with little or no slush. On some portages it is best to take you skis off and walk.

With the skiing being so good, it is easy to travel many miles easily………….we have had people up to Lake One and people all the way down to Gabbro lake for the day!

The folks staying at Sundew have been lucky to see wolves a number of times. One group saw five! Haven’t see any around Triangle and Lark yet, but have seen tracks on numerous occasions.

The Bird feeders have been slow this winter, maybe some of the Northern birds have not come down yet because of the low snow cover up there or the warm temps, or they have not stayed here because of low supply of natural food.

We have been very busy despite minimal snow. We still have few openings this winter and a number of midweek openings, which have much lower rates.

Lark Lake Jan.5th

Lark Lake Jan.5th