February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!  Still having beautiful weather, but still no new snow!  Spent the last few days doing next years firewood at Triangle and Lark Lake. We cut the trees down last Fall and cut them into lengths that were manageable and the last two days we hauled the wood to the cabins using the snowmobile. We also have been working on a new outhouse for the Triangle cabin. We will have two there now, a summer and a winter privy………….you will be alowed to crossover if you must.

Saw 6 wolves on Ojibway yeasterday, all strung out along the western bay. They didn’t seem too bothered by us, but our border collie, Stella, was very upset. She knows wolves and freaks out when she sees  them or smells them. The same wolves visited the Triangle lake cabin and Lark Lake early this AM or last night. Left lots of scat around……….probably ate good yeaterday. The Alpha females are now in estreus, now noticeable in the snow as pink scent marks as oppose to yellow. So, if the food holds out they will have new pups come April.

Christina.........strong like bull!

Christina………strong like bull!

Lark Lake Cabin Firewood.

Lark Lake Cabin Firewood.