February 26, 2012

We have had a lot of snow during the past 2 weeks, probably a foot. It really looks like winter now!  the trails are in mid winter condition and the skiing and snow shoeing are great. We are getting more snow as we “speak”, maybe another 6 “. We really need the moisture, we have been in drought conditions since last Spring. The Pagami Lake fire has been smoldering all winter.

Despite the lack of snow the last 3 months, we have been very busy. Most all of our guests just want to get away and relax. No schedule, phones or computers, a great time to catch up on some sleep and reading. Our winter business is getting to be 90+ % returning guests. It has been fun to see everyone on a yearly basis and catch up with their lives. We have watched families bring their young children, who are now bring their children! Thank all of you for your loyalty, it has been so much fun……….very little work involved. Liz and I have great jobs!

Triangle Lake Cabin is getting a new outhouse. We will now have a winter outhouse and a summer one. That way we can give each one a rest 6 months of the year and give them a chance to compost and reduce the volume. It is also hard to move a log outhouse to say nothing about trying to dig a new hole………lots of rock up here.

 The house the "Commodores" are singing about

The house the “Commodores” are singing about