March 25, 2012

Ice out on Johnson Lake March 23rd. Two years ago was a record ice out for Johnson Lake and that was on March 26th. Let’s hope this is not the beginning of a trend.

Starting to hear frogs, both Spring Peepers and Chorus  Frogs. For me, that is our official first sign of Spring. A few more birds have arrived, some local and some on their way back to the northern forests and tundra. The aspen and maple trees have budded out and even a few tulips are in bloom on the south facing sides of buildings. At this rate, we will be picking mushrooms in April!

No report of loons yet, but I’m sure there are a few back. They seem to  show up the same day the ice goes out.. Many years ago, some native people believed the loons spent the winter under the ice. i can see where that belief comes from, I have seen loons still on the lake as the ice is forming and again the same day as the ice leaves in the Spring. Liz and I were on a canoe trip many years ago in April. We paddled down a river only to find the lake we were headed to still frozen. We made camp, had dinner and were forced into the tent by an early thunderstorm. When we awoke in the morning, the lake was ice free and there was a loon just off camp hollering at us.

We have had some rain, maybe a half inch, but we still could use a lot more. The spring runoff is over and the lakes are still very low, maybe the lowest in 25 years. Hopefully, the rains will come and fill up the lakes and reduce the forest fire danger.

Ice Out Johnson Lake

Ice Out Johnson Lake