June 25, 2012

We definitely are no longer in severe drought. We have had upwards of 10 ” of rain since the first of the month.  Needless to say, the mosquitoes are doing well with no immediate threat of extinction.  We have lucked out with the blackflies though………..they seemed to have diminished and appear to be at the end of their lifecycle.

Fishing has been very good. The walleyes have been in shallow water and have been easy to catch on most lakes. Nothing beats fresh walleye when you are on the trail.

The loons on Triangle Lake hatched young ones 2 weeks ago!  We have never seen loonlings this early, maybe the early ice out gave them a head start.  We usually see young around July 1st .  There are also loonlings on Ojibway , and soon to be on Lark  Lake.  We had guests at Lark cabin last week and they observed the loons on a nest very close to the dock.

Not too much for wildlife sightings lately.  There has been a bear up and down the Glipi road, but it has not been around the Sundew cabin as far as we know.  Guests there heard a Connecticut warbler, which is considered fairly unusual for the Ely area. At Triangle and Lark Lake cabins guest have heard Barred Owls during their stay.  They no doubt have a nest nearby.  Not much for wolf sign yet, some people are hearing the occasional howl while visiting the cabins, but no sightings.