July 24, 2012

Greetings……….hot summer so far. I don’t think we have had an average temperature since April. Every day it is in the 80’s or even 90’s, our average high for this time of year is around 78 degrees. The days are getting shorter though and that makes for some cooler nights.  The recent hot weather has helped keep the mosquitoes at bay, especiall during the day.  We haven’t had very high humidity, and their little bodies dry out very fast when it’s hot and dry………….but watch out in the late afternoon and into the evening -they can carry you away.  Our guests have found refuge in our cabins’ screen porches/gazebo especially around cocktail hour………after that you hardly notice them.

July has been quite stormy also, I guess just like the rest of the United States. The Ely area has lost many big trees, especially around Burnside Lake and Echo Trail.  If you have the equipment  you can find lots of trees to turn into lumber.  We have harvested some and hope to get some more when the lakes freeze.  We didn’t have to go far to get a nice 20″ red pine……….it went through the roof of the Sundew cabin. The tree did a lot of damage, requiring us to replace about 1/2 the roof on the upstairs bedroom.  We had guests at the cabin at the time, but know one was upstairs when the tree hit the roof.  In fact, they didn’t even hear it with all the thunder and wind.  The storm went through arounfd 4 PM, but we did not hear about it until we got home at 9 PM.  A friend and I went out to the Sundew cabin around 10, but it took us a good hour just to get to the cabin. There were about 25 trees down between the highway and the cabin, most of which were in the last 200′ .  Our guests heard the chain saws and came out to give us a hand throwing brush and rolling logs off to the side. They were real troopers!  The other cabins had no damage but numerous trees down and across the trails.

A new feature for our Log Cabin HIdeaways website is going to be a page of Liz’s watercolors.  She has been encouraged by friends and customers to  offer some of her paintings as cards and prints.  Zoe is going to get the page up soon.  Included as well will be two watercolor paintings done a number of years ago by Brent Spink,  of our Triangle and Lark Lake cabins.  Brent is a former Ely resident who now lives and paints in Kalamazoo, MI.  Long time customers will recognize them as being  the images on our paper brochure (no longer available)  and as the home page of our website.  We are not sure yet how we will set up payment for the cards, etc. but just want to get them up and get feedback.  Please feel free to comment thru our email at info@logcabinhideaways.com.

sundew storm damage 003

sundew storm damage 009