January 19th, 2015

More Snow!  Received another 4″ of snow on Saturday and Sunday, so the woodland trails are shaping up nicely. Lake travel is still very good, no one has run into any slush yet. Temperatures have moderated with highs in the lower 20’s, Very nice for any winter, outdoor activity.

Was doing some brushing on the trails to the East of the Triangle Lake cabin and ran into fresh Moose tracks. As most know, Minnesota’s Moose numbers have been in decline for quite sometime, so it was pleasing to see these tracks. 20 years ago it was common to see tracks and Moose on a regular basis.

We still have some openings in January and a couple in February, so dust off those skis and snowshoes and head North to Ely. We have more snow than most places in the state.

Winterfest starts in a little over a week. Check it out: www.elywinterfestival.com