Your safety is our number one priority.  

Overview:  We practice safe distancing and will wear masks if that is your practice.  Our cabins are in the wilderness, 20 miles from the nearest town.  We live out here as well and have limited interaction with others.

Cabins and Outbuildings

We continue to ask guests to bring their own sleeping bag and pillowcase to use on our mattresses.  Know that our mattresses , pillow covers and dish linens are freshly laundered/replaced for each guest.  All hard surfaces in our cabins and outbuildings are disinfected.

Safe-Distancing:  To maintain social distancing, we ask that you arrive twenty minutes prior to our departure time and unload your gear in the Canoe launch area rather than at the dock. The canoe launch area and unloading parking is located to the left of the dock–you will turn left prior to the dock.  That way you avoid interacting with others at the dock as it can be busy.  We will pick you up on the beach (canoe launch area).

Gear: Canoes and paddles are disinfected after each guest and, life jackets will be replaced with fresh ones.

Staff Health: Staff health is closely monitored and any staff member showing signs of infection will be quarantined.

We value the safety for our customers and employees.  We are committed to providing you a safe and healthy experience for you so that you can enjoy your vacation. Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever.

Dean & Cecilia

Have a question? Call us at 218-235-9669 or email us now.