January 29, 2013

Greetings from Log Cabin Hideaways.  Well, winter is here, better late than never. We had very little snow in Dec. and temps were slightly above average. We did have just enough to have good skiing on the lakes, but the woodland trails were a little rough to say the least.  We, who live here, have 2 pair of skis; rock skis and good skis for when there is adequate snow.  January brought us more snow and some “old time” temperatures, like negative 35 for lows and highs around  negative 10. We now have enough snow for decent sking in the woods………hopefully more snow is on the way.

We have had a very busy winter……..our calendar has been pretty much full so far. We do have a couple of weekends open in Feb. and, of course, we have openings mid week.  We have had a cancellation for President’s Weekend (Feb 15-18) at Lark Lake, if anyone is looking for a last minute getaway.  Just email us if you are interested.

This winter the wolves have been around way more than last year. Maybe the deer population is up from the previous year…..although you couldn’t prove that with my deer hunting success this year.  Many of our bird visitors from up north decided to fly farther south this year in search of a better food supply.  We have very few Pine Grosbeaks, Redpolls and Siskins, but they have been reported as far south as Minneapolis.

Boreal Chickadee by John and Nancy

Boreal Chickadee by John and Nancy


Lark Lake Wolf by John and Nancy