Thank you for choosing Wintergreen!  This is our most remote cabin and, according to our State Lodging Inspector: “the most remote in the state!” Three and one-half miles from the nearest road, the Wintergreen Cabin is accessible over water/ice through Ojibway and Triangle Lakes.  Once you arrive to the portage trail, it’s a one-mile hike to the cabin (during the winter we will bring you to the cabin directly via sled).

**We recommend packing like you’re going on a backpacking trip for the summer/fall visits.  It is a rugged one-mile hike and you’ll have limited water. **

One pack per person.   During the summer fall, we will provide sleeping bags and bath towels to help you keep your pack(s) light. In the winter, guests are responsible for bedding/sleeping bags, pillowcases and bathing towels.  Also, because of its location, we typically do not rent the cabin between late May through mid-August. That said, it is available if you’re longing for privacy in a beautiful, deep woods setting.

Here is some general information to help you plan your trip:

Note:  charcoal, coffee and paper towels are not provided.

Plan to keep an eye on your pets when outside—wolves like to prey upon the family dog.

Thank you for making your reservation with us.

Dean & Cecilia

Dean Bushey and Cecilia Quattromani, Owners, Log Cabin Hideaways

Recommended Packing List