Recommended Packing List                                                            


  1. Avoiding glass bottles/ware is strongly advised. Many things that are not typically available in a box or a plastic bottle are available in Ely given it is the doorway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area where glass is prohibited, e.g. wine in a box, beer in a plastic bottle or can.
  2. Consolidate your gear/ food! We are portaging across water/ice and through the woods and multiple, small bags are strongly discouraged.
  3. Pack your goggles/sunglasses for the winter visit to protect your eyes from wind/snow/branches on the way to/from the parking lot.


**For Wintergreen visits in the summer/fall, we highly encourage guests to pack “like a backpacking trip.”  It is a one-mile hike in on a backwoods “portage trail.”   While we do have a stove top, a cooler and camp grill, keeping foods that need to be cool/cold is challenging.  Not to mention, bears have a keen sense of smell.   Rain barrels are used to collect water and summer/fall visitors must heat the water before drinking.