Steve and Liz, founders of Log Cabin Hideaways, started the business in 1988 with the purchase of 120 acres of land from Potlatch Corporation. They were attracted to the parcel because of its remote nature and the fact that it was bordered on three sides by the Superior National Forest and on the other by the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.SteveAndLiz

Their plan was to build a cabin here and market it to people looking to experience life in a log cabin in a secluded, wilderness setting. They figured if they built it, “they would come” and, if not, they could always sell it.

They were right – people come year after year to experience the good, quiet life of the Northwoods with some comforts of home.

While there is just one Hideaway cabin on Triangle Lake today, at one time there were three. Here’s the story:

construction_carryWhat is now known as the Triangle Lake Cabin was begun in the spring of 1989. The logs for this cabin were apparently a “gift” from a bad thunderstorm in July of 1987. The storm blew over a couple of hundred trees on the homestead property and they became the logs and lumber for the cabin. Without the storm. Steve and Liz think it would have been doubtful they could have afforded to start the project. With the help of many friends, the logs were peeled, scribed, the cabin disassembled and transported across the ice to its present location on Triangle Lake.

The business seemed to “take off’ almost immediately; their first summer (1991) they had 80% occupancy, spurringconstruction_beaver_inside plans for the second cabin. And then another one.   Back in the day, Steve and Liz had eight cabins that made up the business, each situated on its own land without neighbors. All eight were hand built, and kept remote and secluded a place where people can be alone in the wilderness. A place to unwind, reconnect and reflect.   Part of their vision was to be “but a portage away from the BWCA,” increasing the options for exploring this unique area.

Steve and Liz attribute the success of their business to their many wonderful customers who not only return year after year, but also spread the word of our Hideaways to their friends, relatives, and coworkers.

BackpackingWe assumed the business in 2016 and are continuing to strive to offer our guests a wilderness refuge where time slows down and people can reconnect with themselves, their families and nature.

We look forward to meeting you soon – feel free to call us @ 218-235-9669 or contact us now to book your stay.

Cecilia Quattromani & Dean Bushey