May 31, 2011

Still Spring!  Summer still appears to be aways away. May has been very cool with some recent lows in the mid twenties; not the best gardening weather. We are hoping that the blueberries survived the hard frost! The cool weather has also kept the mosquitoes at bay, but once the water starts to warm we will no doubt have plenty to go around.

The trees are close to leafing out with Big toothed aspen and Black Ash are way behind as usual. The Marsh Marigolds are in bloom as well as the Trilliums, Anemone’s and violets. We picked a bunch of Ostreich Fern last week and used them in soup, salads and stir fry; they are a very delicious wild food!

95% of the birds are back and are setting up territories and building nests. The Pheobe’s are back under the eaves at the Triangle cabin and are now feeding their young. The American Bittern  (slew pumper) is back at Sundew Pond making its very unusual call through out the day.  The Loons are on nests at the Lark Lake cabin and so far, one pair on eggs at the west end of Triangle. No bear sign around the cabin, however I did notice one huge boulder turned over near the Sundew cabin.

Fishing was slow for the opener, but picked up later on in the week. The people staying at the Tringle cabin did very well on the Kawishiwi River. Mostly walleye’s and Bass. The Bass are just starting to spawn on Ojibway lake and many fishermen are taking advantage of this annual event. Lot’s of fun………..take a few to eat, but throw most of them back. When you hit the right day, the action is fast and furious. Most any bait will work, most people use a floating rapalla or a mepps spinner.

Marsh Marigold

The flower buds make great capers

The flower buds make great capers